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About Us

Who we are and what were trying to do

     Western North Carolina has been one of the central areas for moonshine throughout history since it was settled.  The art of making moonshine has been passed down for generations as it was in my family.  Many famous moonshiner’s come from this area including Lewis Redmond, Hiram Wilson, George McCurry and many others.  Hiram Wilson Was my cousin and so was George McCurry.  You can read more about them and others on our Moonshine Stories page or our family history and other family members that were not as famous on our History of Moonshine page and find out what led so many generations of my family to make moonshine.  My family has made moonshine here for generations. 

     My father, uncle, grandfather, great uncle, and every generation back to my 4th great grandfather that we can document, all made moonshine in these mountains.  The condenser on one of my still’s is from my great great grandfathers still.  The still itself had a wooden top and bottom like a wood barrel and had copper for the walls.  It was buried a few inches so the bottom would not burn and the rock furnace was not built all the way to the top so the top would not burn.  Moonshine was the only way of survival for many families and played a big role in the culture of these mountains.

     I want to continue the tradition by making traditional moonshine with family recipes. We don't use any artificial ingredients in any of our products. The only way to make true moonshine is use fresh and real ingredients, but it’s not moonshine if its not made in a moonshine still like the one we are using, which was hand crafted not store bought, like everything we make.  Our product is classified as a distilled spirit specialty by the federal government because it does not fall under any other class of product.  We spend a lot of time and money to make the highest quality moonshine you can find in the woods or the store.  We can trace our recipe back over 150 years, when everything was hand made in these mountains with pride.    We are as authentic as it gets.  We use oak barrels, a real moonshine still, local ground corn from a local  mill, and we recycle our spent mash by using it as hog feed like moonshiners have done for generations.   If you want to know what moonshine really taste like in these mountains 150 years ago then try Howling Moon.

     Our products are becoming available all over the U.S. sales our products in 40 states online and we are in stores in North Carolina, Maine and a few more.  Check out our products section to learn more. Right now we sell a traditional Mountain Moonshine at 100 proof and an Apple Pie Moonshine, Strawberry Moonshine, and Peach Moonshine that is blended at 100 proof with real fruit and NO juice and NO artificial flavors so we can keep the proof higher and the taste authentic.  We also sell a Bradford Reserve aged version of our moonshine that is 80 proof.  We plan to grow, but we won’t compromise our quality or our traditional methods, which take longer to produce alcohol, but the quality is better and the moonshine is genuine.   The story of the history of moonshine and the story of my ancestors are the same.  Like many famlies in this area my family has been here over 200 years and has been involved in moonshine since its beginning.  We have made it in the same area of Western North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee every generation.  Some of my ancestors were the most famous outlaws of their time.  Learn more about them on our Moonshine stories page or History of Moonshine page or T.V. Shows/Videos page.

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